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Keyword research exists because of the words we type into the search box.

We know that keyword research is one of the most valuable and important activities that can be carried out within the search engine marketing industry. We offer our services in keyword research because we know just how crucial it is. Having the right keywords and ranking for them can make the difference between making or breaking a business. Keyword research allows you to learn what phrases you need to target for the purposes of SEO, but also to get an insight to your potential customers.

Getting traffic is one thing, but getting the right traffic is far more important. You really shouldn't underestimate the benefit of selecting the right keywords. We can carry this out for you and look into the changes in demand over the years. This will allow you to respond to these changes and market particular products or services through content and SEO to target these customers. SEO is probably the best form of marketing because through carrying out keyword research you know what people are actively looking for and then it is simply a case of targeting these keywords to get your website in front of the eyes of your potential customers.

How to Judge the Value of a Keyword

You need to consider how much a keyword could potentially be worth for your business. If you have an on line e-commerce store selling shoes, you'd want to know whether or not people searched for 'black shoes' or 'brown shoes' and made a purchase. If your website already ranks for some keywords, this information will be available to you in a Google Webmaster Tools. We can also use Google's Keyword Planner to see traffic estimates. Ideally, what you need to do is rank or pay for click advertising for keywords, then gauge by looking at Google Webmaster Tools and sorting keywords by revenue, whether or not there has been an increase in sales. Once this is completed over a month or two, you can consider the return and then look into further keywords.

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